Preventive Fire

Vehicle First Aid and Safety Products

Hey everybody. It’s Les again from Preventive Fire. Today I’d like to talk about vehicle first aid and safety products. Not only is it important to keep your facility safe, it’s important to keep your employees safe out in the field in their vehicles. Today we’re going to go over a few products that we recommend. We also carry a full line of products. These are just a few that we’re going to recommend to you today.

We’re going to start over here with the dusk mask. We carry respirators all the way up to SCBA, self contained breathing apparatuses if you were going to be doing some type of firefighting. Rain gear for South Florida rain storms. We’ve been having a lot of those recently. Hearing protection, any type of hearing protection that you might need. Hard hat. Everybody knows the hard hat. We carry anytime, color. The fluorescent high vis vest. We carry class one through three for road construction or active construction sites. Gloves. We carry rubber, any type of glove that you might need. These are rubber ones for liquids, chemicals. Safety glasses. We can sell them to you in bins, boxes, whatever you might need. We have the clear that you can see indoors and also sun glass types. If you have safety glasses you need wipes to keep them clean in the field, especially when it’s dusty at a construction site. We even have a lens cleaning station. AEDs, Phillips, we’re a distributor for Phillips, AEDs, this can go inside of a construction trailer or in a supervisors truck out in the field and somebody A fibbed, you can jump start them while EMS is on the way. We also carry batteries, pads, and we can provide training for you to use this in the field. It’s pretty easy though, it’s not that hard. Open it up and it tells you exactly what to do.

Cones. We got collapsible and regular cones. First aid kits, small first aid kits can go in a car, executive vehicle. Truck first aid kit for the supervisor out on the construction site. Reflective triangles so you don’t get run over on I-95 [inaudible 00:02:21]. Truck fire extinguishers. We have two and a half pound vehicle extinguisher, this will cover everything up to an 18 wheeler. DOT, if you get pulled over and you’re in an 18 wheeler and he pulls this out, here’s my fire extinguisher, this will pass. The only problem with this particular fire extinguisher is if you turn it upside down to try to get underneath something you lose the charge and the chemical stays inside as soon as you turn it upside down. That’s not good. That’s why I recommend a five pounder with a vehicle bracket and a hose. The extinguisher comes out of the bracket and you can get up underneath the engine, down anywhere the fire might be. This is much more versatile depending on if you turn it upside down. If you turn it upside you lose your charge.

All of this stuff we can install and secure inside of the vehicle so that it isn’t real bumbling around and falling around inside. It can be secured so that you can get it right when you need it and you know where it is. If you’d like for one of our technicians to come out, contact us at this number and we can determine your exact needs. Thanks for listening today.