Preventive Fire


We are all essentially systems, are we not? To make sure that our system is functioning properly we visit our doctor annually for a well-visit. Fire extinguishers and fire systems must undergo a similar type of routine maintenance to ensure the health of the equipment. Preventive Fire technicians visit commercial and residential properties annually, semi-annually, or quarterly to service fire & burglar alarms, camera systems, fire extinguishers, hood systems, spray booth systems, marine fire systems, emergency exit lights and first aid supplies. They follow specific guidelines and protocols to ensure that everything is following NFPA’s current rules and regulations.

Whoever said basic is bad clearly didn’t understand fire extinguishers. Preventive Fire often recommends the “basic” ABC dry chemical portable fire extinguisher because it is extremely effective in extinguishing ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids, and live electrical equipment fires. You may wonder why the pediatrician inquires if you keep a fire extinguisher on-hand in the home. They are checking to see if you are prepared for any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies. Acquiring an ABC extinguisher and maintaining it annually would satisfy this obligation and help protect you from harm.

Story time…

Before Jane’s first child, she bought a fire extinguisher, as recommended by her pediatrician. As a new nervous mother, loaded with baby books and supplies, she was all about keeping baby safe and germ free! I mean sheesh, she was still boiling the pacifier after it fell on the floor EVERY TIME. Once the second baby arrived, she had modified the 5 second rule to the 15 second rule. Life seemed to be all Pinterest cake mess ups and DIY disasters, but life was good. She still had the same fire extinguisher she purchased before giving birth to her first child, however it had never been serviced. Four years after her original purchase, the OH NO moment happened! The candle she had burning to bring in calming energy was knocked over by the little munchkins playing, then rolled on the floor and set the nearby curtains on fire!

Don’t worry, she was sitting on the nearby loveseat and quickly jumped up to rush the little ones out of the room, then grabbed the fire extinguisher mounted on the wall in the pantry and immediately put the fire out! It was a terrifying experience, but thankfully she was able to stop the fire from spreading.

Jane realized once the technician arrived to service her fire extinguisher how lucky they all truly were. The technician explained that her extinguisher had never been serviced. Fire extinguishers are required to maintain a specific amount of pressure to operate. Over time, an extinguisher may lose pressure due to leakage or even being used minimally, which is why it is crucial for it to be inspected annually. So, Jane was very fortunate that the extinguisher worked properly. Now Jane knows that she must BE MORE PREPARED in the future and have her fire extinguisher inspected every year!

The inspection date of fire safety equipment varies depending on the item; however, fire extinguishers specifically are required to be inspected annually. An extinguisher will require either an inspection, recharge, or hydro service. Whatever service the fire extinguisher needs, a Preventive Fire technician will be ready and able to assist you! Call (561) 863-9900 to schedule an appointment today!