Preventive Fire

How to Properly Read a Fire Extinguisher Tag

The state of Florida’s hang tag can be read as follows:

The right side punch on the tag shows the month and year of the last date of service.

The bottom punch of the tag will show 2 separate things, the type of service completed and then the actual expiration date for the extinguisher’s service. There are two boxes in the area for the expiration date. If the left box is punched, the time limit is 6 months. If the box on the right of that section is punched, then the time limit is 12 months.

One major misconception when reading a fire extinguisher tag is that the date on the tag is an expiration date. This is not the case. The date on the tag shows the date the extinguisher was last serviced or inspected. It is likely the extinguisher is still fully operational from 6-12 months beyond the service date depending on which hole is punched on the tag.

The top of the tag shows a punch that indicates the type or class of that particular extinguisher.

The left side top number is the serial number of the extinguisher. Below the number will be a name and number stamp. The name should read the first and last name of the person who conducted the service. That technicians state id number is located below the name.

The back of the tag contains a place where individuals can enter information about that extinguisher. You can write down the location of the extinguisher and the owner plus any other information you’d like.

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