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Alarms for Fire Prevention

Fire alarms help prevent workplace fires from happening. In the United States alone, there have been 99 deaths as a result of workplace fire accidents in 2019 according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics; 17000 office and store fires cause $800 million worth of property damage annually says FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

Fire alarms are important for preventing disasters that could lead to death or injury on your premises such as an explosion or even just a small kitchen fire because it is now easier than ever with mobile apps like Firewatch – which alerts you when smoke starts coming out!

Many fires occurring at businesses in West Palm Beach can be prevented by installing fire alarms throughout the workplace. Fire alarms quickly sense the presence of a fire and alert people about imminent danger. Here is an overview of the different types of alarms.


Ionization detectors use a constant electrical current within the device. When smoke enters, it disrupts this current and quickly signals the presence of smoke. These are good for fast-spreading fires.


Photoelectric alarms are constructed with a beam of light within the device. When smoke is present, it disrupts the light beam which triggers an alert. These alarms excel at identifying smaller fires and are considered to be highly reliable.


This device houses the techniques used by both ionization and photoelectric alarms within its chamber and is considered to be a strong choice. Fires are identified when the presence of smoke is detected.


Heat fire alarms work a little differently than the other three. Rather than detect smoke, they detect a spike in air temperature created by flames. fire alarm sound

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Alarms for Burglary Protection

We are your hometown central station. We’ve been serving burglar alarm systems since 1978 and providing security alarm solutions for homes. Our continued success has depended on one thing: Protecting the things that matter to you, our customers!
In addition to being a leading provider of home burglary alarms in Florida, Preventive Fire Monitoring is known as an innovator who’s always offering new technology innovations with personal service at every step along the way – from monitoring services all around Florida to installation right here where you live or work today (and everywhere else!).

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